Investment creates impact. Using our tools and techniques, Boyette will model your investment to describe your company’s impact and footprint within a geography.

Boyette can conduct an economic impact analysis based on your company’s actual new investment and job creation or using hypothetical scenarios to make the case for your business during the incentives negotiation process. The input-output model provides a descriptive analysis of the potential return on investment of your project. Results of the analysis will reveal local and state taxes generated by new investment and jobs, as well as the indirect and induced impacts of the investment on other industries in the geography.

With a mindful approach, Boyette will measure your investment and determine your return. Don’t throw away your shot-measure it. Let us help you make it count.

“I am not throwing away my shot.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

Measuring economic impact of a new or existing catalyst in a community, region, or state is good business practice.

Just as a stone tossed into a body of water creates ripples, or an artist exhibits a new sculpture that changes the viewer’s perception, a new development in a geography impacts the economy and the lives of those around it.

The Boyette Impact Evaluation and Analysis process is a qualitative and quantitative measure of success. Modeling economic impacts, including job creation, labor income and tax benefits, as well as societal effects like cultural amenities and placemaking, our team customizes each impact analysis for every unique client or project.

Boyette has extensive, unparalleled consulting experience in maximizing economic development programs ranging from regional communities and state agencies to electric utilities and private companies. Coupling that knowledge with economic impact modeling expertise, we provide a bulletproof analysis that will assist in telling the best story for your business, economic development project, non-profit organization or other measurable catalyst.

The old adage is true: facts tell, stories sell. Resonating with leading decision-makers, key stakeholders and the general population, the Boyette process weaves the facts throughout the impact story.

“Working with Boyette to develop our Strategic Growth Plan and Economic Impact Evaluation and Analysis, the Little Rock Port was well-positioned to be awarded a 2016 TIGER grant.”

Bryan Day, Little Rock Port Authority

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