Boyette can analyze concepts and determine if they should be pursued. Feasibility studies guide your investment of time and money, as well as provide creative ideas for implementation.

Determining the feasibility and viability of a concept involves a multi-step approach that includes qualitative and quantitative research and considers a variety of issues related to the purpose of the idea, its likely supporters and investors, its competitors, and its organizational structure and focus. Boyette will conduct initial due diligence to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape and to clarify and define the overall concept or idea for your organization.

This effort would involve significant secondary research to gain an understanding of other similar concepts within the region or nation, their focus, and the business partnerships and support they have garnered. Additionally, stakeholder input would further validate the conceptual idea and identify potential supporters and investors. This research would then provide direction to refine the concept and ensure that it will create a collaborative opportunity for both the lead organization and potential customers or users. Exploring the idea through an economic development lens will lead Boyette to provide an assessment of the overall value and opportunity for your organization and the broader business community.




And Financial &  Organizational Review

Strategic Recommendations

More times than not, our feasibility studies have been used as the basis for the organization to take action and implement the idea or concept. When you are looking to explore disruptions or innovations, begin with a founded starting point. Call us today to find our more.

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