Debby Dennie

Special Projects Coordinator

Areas of Expertise

Research, Special Events, Editing, Client Support

Debby Dennie joined Boyette Strategic Advisors in 2014. She brings to the team an extensive background in all marketing disciplines, with specific strengths in market research, communications, advertising, branding, and special events. Her professional experience has been in both the electric utility and telecommunications industries. She provides project and administrative support to the team.

Debby spent 13 years with Entergy Arkansas, initially as an administrative assistant, followed by a position in Risk Management, investigating and settling customer property damage and bodily injury liability claims.

With a move to Washington, D.C., she joined the global telecommunications company Nortel Networks, where she held numerous marketing positions over an 18-year period. Her responsibilities included market research, branding, advertising, integrated marketing communications plans, internal and external communications, product collateral and sales tools, and tradeshows and events.

I’m passionate about

the expansion of a smoke-free environment and educating children to never smoke.

I most admire

my Mother, who selflessly raised eight children.

Favorite quote

“I often regret that I have spoken; never that I have been silent.” (Pubilius Syrus)

Sustainability means

analyzing and learning from the past and implementing plans to protect resources for future generations.

My first job after college

Entergy Arkansas.

A surprising thing to know

Since age 30 I have been a runner, competitive tennis player, and cyclist. And most recently I have started taking tap dancing.