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Moving Mountains

by: Kay Stebbins & Del Boyette 01/26/2018

Boyette Results:

In a region that has experienced dramatic decline in coal mining jobs over the years, EnerBlü is one of the solutions for a revitalized eastern Kentucky economy.

EnerBlü is focused on electric transportation, PV hybrid microgrid, power grid and genset hybridization, and consists of three divisions:

  • ePowerProducts™: proprietary eLTO™ battery technology that meets military standards and provides proven advantages for power packs and hybridization as well as microgrid deployments.
  • eGridServices™: teams up with developers, corporations, utilities, and investors globally to develop projects, install equipment, and test and commission microgrid systems, which consist of PV solar, high-density power battery energy storage, solar and back-up hybridized gensets.
  • eTransport™: produces fully electric commercial vehicles and buses that are both environmentally friendly and greatly reduce the total cost of ownership.

What does the project entail?

  • Corporate Headquarters, R&D, Step-up Line, and Labs to Located in Lexington, KY creating 110 jobs;

  • 1-Million Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility Set for Pikeville, KY creating 875 jobs

  • More than $400 million investment

The investment of this project and similar projects are multi faceted:

  • employing residents in the area with quality jobs and good pay

  • spurring more investment from new companies

  • moving to clean energy

Read the full article in Site Selection Magazine and check out the details on the workforce analysis that we conducted for eastern Kentucky.