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Millennials Matter - Cut through the hype!

by: Chris Marsh 04/22/2017

Ready or not here they come. There are many myths circulating around the millennial generation but now is the time to put those myths aside and focus on some of the ways that millennials are winning at work. A few words to describe millennials include innovative, fearless, ambitious, fast learning and passionate. Due to their ability to learn quickly, millennials can easily acquire new skills and think of innovative and creative ways to solve long-standing problems.

Millennials are not afraid to speak up and ask questions. They also value feedback and will ask why they didn’t do a job correctly. Millennials are ambitious and want to be the best. The openness of millennials allows them to be passionate about those around them inside and outside of the workplace. These are all characteristics that are beneficial to employers creating a win-win situation for all.

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