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Do you really need a college degree for THAT entry-level job?

by: Reteisha Byrd 04/22/2017

Many businesses continue to face the challenge of not being able to find enough qualified people to fill entry-level positions. The human resources practice of up-credentialing is partly to blame for this shortage of entry-level workers. Job descriptions seem to be getting longer and longer adding a number of skills and abilities to the list, many of which can be learned on the job and don’t necessarily require a college education.

However, the HR process continues to screen applications for college degrees, eliminating the many qualified people who could learn skills on the job and create meaningful opportunities for life-long career success. It is often assumed that a college degree is an effective way to assess an applicant’s work ethic, personal skills, and mental capacity but that is not always the case, and in a market where finding qualified talent is often a challenge, should be reassessed.

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