Project Description

TVA ManufacturingDeep Dive Case Study

In 2017, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Economic Development engaged Boyette to take a thorough, thoughtful, researched, and justified “deep dive” into the manufacturing target focus for the region.

The project’s significance was multifaceted and focused on enhancing an already-healthy manufacturing base in the region. More specifically, the significance was for TVA to:

  • Refine how to invest its resources to support the manufacturing sector.
  • Enhance lead generation efforts in the vast category of manufacturing.
  • See how the Valley Region’s current assets would be most useful in developing targeted sectors.

A deep dive into the manufacturing sector requires a thorough data analysis and examination of the manufacturing sector from various perspectives in order to thoroughly understand all factors that potentially impact opportunities for the Valley Region. The process involved:

  • Defining sub-geographies within the Valley Region, which spans seven states and 195 counties.
  • Preparing an inventory of current manufacturing assets that maximize the region’s competitive advantages.
  • Reviewing and analyzing extensive data related to historic and future projected growth of the sector, as well as market trends that my influence sector performance.

The primary goal of the deep dive was to explore the industries that are already succeeding in manufacturing, as well as to recognize other industries that are growing and emerging in TVA’s region. Specifically, results of the “deep dive” included:

  • A more thorough understanding of the business base and critical assets for three sub-regional geographies.
  • Identification of five specific manufacturing industries that present the greatest opportunity for growth in the Valley Region.*
  • Defining cross-sector relationships that exist between the five recommended manufacturing subsectors.

In addition to identifying these growing and emerging manufacturing sectors that align with the TVA territory and providing data to support their selection, Boyette developed recommendations related to marketing and lead generation activities for these sectors.

*Note that for purposes of this project, the aerospace/aviation and automotive sectors were not reviewed, as they are already definite sectors that the TVA ED team is focused. 

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Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Economic Development is consistently one of the top-rated North American utility economic development programs. Recognizing the increasing importance of sustainability in site selection, TVA, working with Boyette, began offering communities in its territory the opportunity to apply to become a Valley Sustainable Community. The program is currently in its fifth year, and more than 29 communities have been designated to date.

Boyette developed the Valley Sustainable Communities Program, the first of its kind, to identify communities that are incorporating sustainability into their economic development efforts. This program provides a framework that assists participating communities in evaluating existing sustainability programs, cataloging sustainable assets, and increasing commitments to sustainability.

As part of a long-standing relationship, Boyette also worked with TVA on the Targeted and Prepared Communities program and the Target Market identification for the Valley Region as well as the manufacturing deep dive described above.