Project Description

The Little Rock Port Authority (LRPA), which is already playing a significant role in economic development in the Little Rock area and the State of Arkansas, was seeking to become an even more significant economic engine in the regional economy. The LRPA engaged Boyette in 2015 to develop a Strategic Growth Plan focused on ensuring that over the next five to ten years, the LRPA will be a driving force in the further development of the port and in the retention and attraction of business and industry to the port. The development of this Strategic Growth Plan included conducting an asset inventory or capability assessment of the port focused on internal and external stakeholder input, benchmarking research around the economic development and operational function of other relatable organizations, identification of differentiating programs, target sector identification and recommendation development in the areas of marketing, programming and other areas to guide the organization.

Boyette was later engaged to conduct an Economic Impact Evaluation and Analysis for the LRPA. This focused on identifying the economic impact of the port in the last 10 years; the total investment/property improvements made to the port since its inception; the effect of the port on the city, county and state; and any non-economic or social contributions of the port to the city, county and state since its inception. In addition to a written report of the analysis and supporting documentation, Boyette also provided a fact sheet summary of the results that was to be used when sharing the results to a wider audience.