Project Description

In January 2006, Boyette delivered a study to the Development Authority of Bulloch County (DABC) that encompassed a review of the organizational and financial structure of the DABC, incentives and funding methodology of at least four economic development organizations comparable to the DABC, and provided recommendations pertaining to the economic development process in Statesboro/Bulloch County, Georgia. The deliverable included recommendations for an organizational and financial structure for the DABC; a recommended incentives policy for the DABC; and other related recommendations.

In 2014, the DABC engaged Boyette to conduct a Competitiveness Assessment, which included a review of its current economic development structure, incentives policy and marketing-related activities. As part of the information gathering part of this process, Boyette re-reviewed the 2006 Economic Development Study conducted for the DABC and also its current incentive policies and practices, including incentives awarded to projects in recent years. Boyette also considered limitations related to incentives by state policies. Bulloch County was also compared to other identified locations from an organizational structure, and incentives perspective, including a review of their existing incentives policies, funding, source of funding, incentives offered to projects in recent years, as well as available sites/buildings, local tax cost, and other factors.