Project Description

Fayetteville First, a strategic plan, was created to guide the economic development efforts of the city over the next five years. While the plan is chalk full of supportive data and examples of best practices, Fayetteville First is grounded by the input of more than 1,500 stakeholders. The result of this engagement is the identification of five target business sectors, seven strategic focuses with related priorities and action items, as well as recommendations related to the economic development delivery system.

Why Fayetteville First? Fayetteville, the cultural epicenter of Northwest Arkansas, is first by a long list of attributes. Fayetteville is first geographically in the Northwest Arkansas region, first in population size and growth, first in innovation, first in startups and first in sustainability. Stakeholders solidified this moniker by describing Fayetteville as the “first” community that developed in Northwest Arkansas. Hence the name “Fayetteville First.”

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FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas (November 27, 2017) – OurPharma, a start-up manufacturer of generic medications, today announced it is locating a facility in Fayetteville to develop lower cost alternatives to generic drugs. The company plans to invest approximately $31.3 million in the Fayetteville facility where they will initially hire 10 to 12 new employees and expand to more than 100 employees within a seven-year period. Construction will begin this winter on the 14.9-acre site in the Fayetteville Commercial Park. Click here to learn more.