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Workforce & Skills Gap Analysis

As companies are seeking talent, communities, regions and states are seeking to understand who is working in their geography. Boyette is constantly studying generational effects, skills gaps and wage rates in the workplace.

Boyette works tirelessly to complete a holistic workforce assessments and skills gap analyses that create a greater understanding of the current labor market and uncover paths for improving the area workforce, with specific consideration for unique area assets. As part of our sought-after data analytics, Boyette will review wage and salary data, available skills set, commuting patterns and regional workforce training offerings.

With extensive experience working with economic development organizations at the local, regional and state levels, combined with our current working knowledge gained from site location projects, Boyette provides a unique perspective in conducting a workforce analysis. In addition, our research expertise and in-depth knowledge of competitive communities throughout the United States allows us to provide benchmarking comparisons and innovative recommendations for enhancing the area workforce.

Job growth increase in middle-skill occupations

Of web developers are Millennials

Of CEOs are Baby Boomers

While we would certainly call on our breadth of experience with past projects, we understand that no two clients or situations are alike and would develop a unique, tailored approach to workforce and skills gap assessments. Let us uncover why your workforce is exceptional.

"If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence will not make a difference...stay present and engaged in the workforce discussion. Your voice matters."

Boyette has provided workforce & skills gap analysis to: