Hello! My name is Mallory Newbern, and I am the new intern at Boyette Strategic Advisors. I am originally from Little Rock, but I am currently in school at Rice University in Houston. I am a rising junior studying Political Science and Spanish on the Pre-Law track, and I hope to go into civil rights law. My hobbies are mostly creative; I love to draw, paint, and write.

I am so excited to intern at Boyette this summer! My internship began in mid-June, and I have already learned so much in the three weeks that I have been working. It’s crazy to think that, even during a global pandemic, Byrd has trained me step-by-step through her detailed Zoom calls and screen recordings. 

My economics experience prior to the past month goes no further than an ECON-100 class I took last semester. When I entered the class, I had extremely low expectations, because I have never thought of myself as analytical or math-oriented. However, toward the end of the class, I greatly appreciated the real-world applications of economics with respect to workforce characteristics. I am particularly interested in learning more about workforce studies and impact analysis services at Boyette.

So far, my favorite part of the internship has been exploring the various databases that Boyette uses in client engagement. It is so fascinating to see how data can tell a comprehensive story about a geography when it all comes together. And who knows, maybe consulting is in my future!

Anyone that knows Del knows his generosity. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to work under him; it is a privilege to say the least. I admire Del’s work ethic and the impact that Boyette has had over the past fifteen years. I am so thankful to be part of the company even for a short time.

It is difficult to express in words my gratitude to Del, Byrd, Tracy, Kay, and Chris for welcoming me to their team. In the middle of COVID spikes and uncertainty, Boyette has upheld an amazing standard of communication. I cannot imagine a better summer experience!