I’m pleased to post the following from our summer employee.

As Millennials—the quick-learning and young go-getter generation that revels in its creativity—begin to become established in the workforce, the Boyette team has gone one step further by embracing a member of Gen Z to their team. I’m Robert Stodola: a Gen Zer, a native of Little Rock, and the newest member of the Boyette Strategic Advisors team.

I’m a rising junior at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, and I’ve returned to my Little Rock stomping grounds to help the Boyette team pursue fresh and innovative solutions in the field of economic development. I hope to learn the ins and outs of economic development, research analytics, and community sustainability solutions during my summer-stint with Boyette before I return to Memphis in the fall to work on my degrees in English and Business.

Although the Boyette team has plenty to teach me in the months that I’m here, I hope to bring my widespread personal experiences—what GenZer’s value as the most important thing in their lives—and my writing skills to aid the Boyette team with their projects. At Rhodes, I first value compassion through my commitment to the college’s Social Regulations Council, as well as my unique creativity, displayed by my participation in the college’s improv comedy troupe, Contents Under Pressure . While depending on my compassion and creative-thinking everyday at Boyette Strategic Advisors, I know my time with Boyette will be an unforgettable experience.

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Robert Stodola